IPiB Graduate Degree Program

Email: ipib-admissions@wisc.edu

Website: IPiB Graduate Degree Program's website

Phone: 608-265-2281

1142F HF DeLuca Biochemistry Building
420 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706-1532


IPiB is a broad and rich research program at the intersections of biochemistry and many other related disciplines. You will find exciting research that matches your interests and discover new topics that capture your imagination. Browse our main areas of interest (https://ipib.wisc.edu/research/) and check out the cutting-edge facilities at researchers’ disposal (https://ipib.wisc.edu/facilities/).


We provide a competitive stipend, comprehensive health insurance, and tuition remission to all students accept-ed into IPiB. Funding is guaranteed for the duration of graduate study provided the student is making satisfactory progress.


The Admissions Committee will assess a candidate’s potential for success in the IPiB program by taking all aspects of the application into consideration. The GRE is no longer required. Most successful applicants will have completed a rigorous undergraduate curriculum that includes courses in biology, chemistry, physics and math, and will have had substantive laboratory experience that demonstrates commitment and talent for research. For full admissions details, please visit, https://ipib.wisc.edu/education/admissions/