Microbiology Graduate Degree Program

Position title: Graduate Program Manager

Email: coordinator@microbiology.wisc.edu

Website: Microbiology Graduate Degree Program's website

Phone: 608-265-0689

1326 Microbial Sciences
1550 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706


Now is an exciting time to be doing microbiology research! The confluence of new findings (always leading to more questions), experimental tools and approaches, and biological and clinical significance makes microbiology one of the most dynamic and important areas of science. The available resources and opportunities are hard to beat. Career possibilities abound in academic research, industry, teaching, government service, and other avenues. If you have a strong undergraduate academic record, your appetite has been whetted by research experience, and you seek training at the PhD level to pursue a career, the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program at UW-Madison offers great advantages for your quest.


All of our students are funded for the duration of their Ph.D. studies. There are many fellowship opportunities at UW Madison for microbiology research. The rate is competitive with other programs across the nation.


The Admissions Committee considers many aspects of the application, including grades, letters of recommendation and prior research experience. The applicant’s reasons for graduate study essay is important and should be written thoughtfully to reveal one’s scientific and career interests, re-search experiences, and abilities that otherwise may not be obvious from the academic record. Strong letters of recommendation, a well-crafted statement of purpose and extensive research experience often aid students with below-average grades.